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How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast

Apr 10, 2020

Today we are talking about how to be awesome at making Easter special for your kids!   This is an episode that you are going to want to listen to without your kids in the room because we are going to talk about some Easter magic! 

Easter is such a fun holiday and there are so many ways we can make it extra special and extra magical for our kids.  Lindsay is sharing all the things she will be doing this year and things she’s done in past years that were a big win. 

Everything from starting the day with a little something special in their bedroom… to leaving a little bunny trail… to creative ideas for your egg hunt itself… and possibly a scavenger hunt- if you’re up for it!  I’m talking about getting creative and putting together baskets that your kids will love and making things awesome but also easy, so it’s actually FUN for you too!  

Here are a few things you might want to get or pull out to prep: 

Cheap pool with ball pit balls 
Peeps bunnies for chubby bunny game 
Board games for your kids 
Letters if you want to personalize your kids baskets 
Cute PJs or outfits for the day 
Filling the baskets - things your kids like… like gifts you would get them normally 
Clear cell phone and ribbon to make your own baskets 
I love wood crates for baskets to change it up if you want to get creative 
Easter basket filler 
My favorite bubble machine 
Lots of eggs to fill 
Candy and toys to fill the eggs

First tip:  put everyone to bed early the night before so everyone is in a good mood in the morning and you can get to work before 11pm… and take your time and have fun with it. 

Lindsay talks all about creating magical bunny prints, doing a great egg hunt, putting together special baskets and having family games prepped in case you need them for the rest of the day. 

It’s everything you need to prepare for Easter in a way that will seem very EXTRA but won’t kill you doing it!  

HAPPY EASTER friends!  Hope you enjoy!!