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How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Moderation is key for a lot of things in life and Lindsay thinks it's REALLY true with social media.


In this episode, we’re talking about being present and aware of how your social media consumption makes you feel… and also… how to use it with intention and pay attention to how much time you’re on it. 


We’ve all looked up and realized we’ve just spent 2 or 3 hours by accident scrolling social when we should really be sleeping or working or spending time with our family… and while Lindsay thinks it’s a great way to get ideas and learn more about things you love and it can be so inspiring… it can also make us feel badly about our own lives if we allow ourselves to compare what we’re doing to what other people are doing on social… 


And it’s just so easy to get sucked in and get addicted to it and spend more time on it than we want to.  So on this one, Lindsay is sharing some important facts about social media and lots of tips for how to use social media in the most healthy way.  




Lindsay starts with some facts: 


📲 We spend 3 hours per day on social media. 


📲 3 billion people are on social media.


📲 210 million people are said to have social media addictions 


📲 Facebook has 1.4 billion active users daily 


📲 50% of people driving look at social media while driving 




Some tips covered: 


☀️ don't do it first thing in the morning 


☀️ realize you’re seeing the best part of peoples’s lives 


☀️ do it as your entertainment / relaxation 


☀️ use time blocking 


☀️ set timer if you need to 


☀️ remove notifications 


☀️ if you post for business - setup ahead of time so it doesnt bring you to the app for long periods of time 


☀️ don't let trolls affect you - go into it knowing that by putting yourself out there you will get negativity 


☀️ don't post in real time 


☀️ don't even click on it when you’re spending time with ones you love- for me its about not starting - resist - so you dont get sucked in 




Things to be mindful of:


❤️ be mindful of how its affecting you 


❤️ don't go on during bad days 


❤️ put your mental health first 


❤️ stop comparing yourself to others- use it as inspiration 


❤️ make sure for the most part its enhancing your life - connecting you with friends, inpsiring and new ideas! 



Social media can bring so much joy to our lives… we just have to be smart about it! 


CHEERS and see you on social!❤️❤️