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How To Be Awesome At Everything Podcast

Apr 3, 2020

Listen to why Lindsay decided to run 50 miles in 10 days.

It has nothing to do with fitness or weight. 

It’s about mental strength and conditioning…

It’s about making a physical change in order to make a mental change.

It’s about wanting to be tough and have thick skin and be ready when life throws curveballs your way. 

Lindsay talks about pushing through discomfort- get to the point where your mind is saying STOP- and that's actually where you start. 

Because can’t be extraordinary by staying in what’s comfortable.

All of this will make us stronger and ready to face the tough situation we are all in right now.  

Lindsay talks about challenging yourself everyday so you don't get rusty. 

Accept what you suck at and use that as your drive, not your excuse.  (She explains honestly how she used to make excuses for things rather than pushing through it.)

Lindsay talks about setting goals and making sure you push through to the end so YOU know that you will when you tell yourself you will do something.  

This is a big topic and she wants to be clear that she is still so compassionate and empathetic and loving - just trying to do it with thicker skin.   So she can be tough when you get a hard call that someone you love is sick… or you are going through something hard.  It’s all about bring strong so you can handle more and how we can make conscious decisions to get there.  

And that’s why she thinks we should all be working everyday on our mental conditioning.  Not accepting what’s average or what we’ve always done, but to challenge ourselves and PUSH through the pain… and control that most important conversation we have - the one in our own heads about ourselves. 

You wake up with it, you walk around with it… you go to bed with it.  And you act on it.  Good or bad.  That’s what this whole thing is about.  

Let’s deal with the Corona virus or whatever else you’re facing right now with strength and mental toughness…. Because it will make us better and we will come out of it stronger and more awesome!